TOTO Distributors (Australia) Warranty

TOTO Australia bath and toilet

TOTO are confident that all our products are manufactured to the highest standard, TOTO warrants all TOTO products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. As required by Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and any applicable state laws. Customers may be entitled to replace, repair or refund the goods at no cost within 14 days of delivery, and the goods are faulty or wrongly described or differently from a sample shown to you and/or the goods do not what they supposed to do.

Warranty Schedule

Acrylic Shell 5 years (2 years labour & parts; 5 years replacement or parts)
Cast Iron Shell 15 years (2 years labour & parts; 15 years replacement or parts)
Reinforced Marble Shell 15 years (2 years labour & parts; 15 years replacement or parts)
Ceramic Products 15 years (2 years labour & parts; 15 years replacement or parts)
Cistern mechanisms 3 years (3 years replacement or parts)
Soft Closing Seat 3 years (3 years replacement or parts)
Washlet & Eco Washer 3 years (2 years labour & parts; 3 years replacement or parts)
Tapware15 years (2 years labour, finishes, wall fixings; 15 years replacement or parts)
Shower Head & Rail 5 years (5 years replacement or parts)
Flexible Metal Braided Hose 5 years (5 years replacement or parts)
Shower Hose 2 years (2 years replacement or parts)
Stainless steel, brass or zinc parts 5 years (5 years replacement or parts)

Conditions of This Warranty

1. This warranty against defects only applies in Australia and if the Product has been purchased in Australia from a dealer authorized by TOTO to supply it (Authorized Dealer)
2. This warranty will be void if a customer is unable to provide a receipt, or an acceptable equivalent documentation.
3. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.
4. TOTO’s liability under this warranty is limited, at its option, to:
a) Repair or replace the defective TOTO product or part;
b) Pay, or reimburse to the Purchaser, the cost of repairing the defective product or part; or
c) Refund the purchase price, or part of the purchase price of the defective Product or part of the Product, to the Purchaser.
5. This warranty against defects does not apply in the following circumstances:
a) If the product is not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions;
6. If the Product has been damaged due to accident, improper installation or handling, improper care and cleaning, unauthorized faulty repairs, alternation, abuse or misuse.
7. Water pressure exceed stated limitations as per the product installation instructions. As per AS/NZS 3500 the maximum static water pressure must not exceed 500kpa. Pressure-limiting valves should be installed when pressure exceeds 500kpa.
8. Clearance products is covered by a 12 month parts only replacement.

Consequential loss:
To the extent permitted by law, TOTO will not be liable for any loss or damage to furniture, floor coverings, walls, fixtures or any other consequential loss of any kind caused by any defect in the Products or components.

*Customer shall keep proper documentation for prove of purchase. And Product shall be installed by a licensed plumber and/or electrician. Failure or inability to provide POP will not be covered by the extended warranty period.

Contact Details:
TOTO Distributors (Australia) Building 3, 163-179 Forster Rd, Mount Waverley,